Hook and Loop Home

Hook and Loop Home

Hook and Loop Fasteners consist of hooks and loops which can be opened and closed frequently for repeated closure. These fasteners are commonly used in the Household Industry.

1- Hook and Loop Curtains

Hook and loop fasteners system hangs easily without removing rod. Curtains panels are so easy to hang anywhere.

2- Hook and Loop Carpet Installation

Our adhesive hook and loop fastener designed specifically for sticking a variety of indoor substrates. The method to hold the carpet in place is the best option available.

3- Hook and Loop Mop

Hook and Loop Adhesive fasteners used commonly on household industry, it can be used to attach mop frame and other cleaning devices.

4- Hook and Loop Housekeeping Apron

A quick adjusting apron with Hook and Loop closure is cozy and easy to wear.

5- Hook and Loop Mosquito Net

Hook and Loop Fasteners can be used simply to set up window Mosquito nets.